Bredenoord Germany celebrates its 10th anniversary

Recently the Bredenoord office in Wörnitz (Germany) celebrated its 10th anniversary. In 2004 a depot was started in this town in the middle of southern Germany. In the years prior to 2004 Bredenoord was already operational in Germany, but only via local partners. The new office meant an improvement of the service rendering, as the generators for Bredenoord customers in Germany could now be delivered much faster.

For Bredenoord the setting-up of the Wörnitz office was the first step towards a more structural international expansion. General manager Jaap Fluit: “It strengthened the collaboration with our German partners, allowing us to quickly open a second office in Schopsdorf, between Magdeburg and Berlin. Part of the success is the extensive logistic collaboration between the different offices. This allows us to provide reliable power quickly, wherever our customers need it. After ten years we have become an industry standard in the provision of temporary power in Germany.”

Knowledge of the local market 
Achim Klupsch, responsible for all commercial activities in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands, has been involved with Bredenoord Wörnitz from the very beginning. “I’m proud of the growth that we experienced during the last decade. Such a growth is only possible thanks to our loyal partners and employees. Every day customers are welcome for advice of experts who are very knowledgeable of the German situation and the local market. In combination with 24hr-service and the innovative products from our head-office in the Netherlands, such as the Clear Air soot filter and the hybrid generator, the ESaver, this creates a unique proposition.”

Bredenoord Wörnitz

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