Bredenoord “Large Rental Company of the Year”

During the European Rental Awards on the 15th of May 2019 in Madrid, Bredenoord received the award for Large Rental Company of the Year. Other nominees were A-Plant (UK) and Molle Noleggio (I). The jury glorified the stable growth of product rental over the years and for leading the way in developing innovative battery-powered rental solutions.


The ERA European Rental Association gives out a variety of awards among its members, which are rental companies, mostly in the construction sector. The Large Rental Company of the Year is the leading award for rental companies affiliated to the European Rental Association.

The jury chose Bredenoord for multiple reasons:

  • The stable growth of product rental over the years
  • The expansion of the fleet with sustainable products, such as battery products like ESaver and Big Battery Box
  • The new branding of her new series gensets with cleaner engines
  • The expansion of new franchises in the Netherlands and Germany

Further innovation Ten years ago Bredenoord won the European Rental Awards for small companies. Manager Rental Division, Toon Bruining: “The Rental Award for Large Company of the Year”, is a culmination of the development Bredenoord has gone through. Reliability, efficiency, and delivering fast and tailored are important to us, we want to support our client in power certainty whenever needed, wherever needed. I am proud of the team’s achievement.

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