Off-grid solar-based power plant

The Off-grid solar-based power plant links a solar installation to a generator that, as a result of a smart tuning mechanism, uses as much solar energy as possible for the end user. In this process the generator guarantees the stability and warrants a maximum energy availability.

The Off-grid solar-based power plant provides ‘stand-alone’ energy (varying from 3 kW to 3 MW) and is extremely suitable for off-grid solar-based systems that have no connection with the electricity grid. By means of a unique combination of existing technologies the maximum output of solar energy is utilized and if necessary the generator provides additional energy

The Off-grid solar-based power plant can offer you:

  • Reliable power
  • Less fuel consumption = reduced emissions
  • Effciently switches based on the demand for power and the solar energy supply
  • Online monitoring

Productvideo Off-grid-solar-based power plant 

Press-release Off-Grid solar-based power plant

Interview with Franz Hullegie about the Off-grid solar-based power plan

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