Mobile Solar Plant

The Mobile Solar Plant is an innovative and environment-friendly alternative to the fully diesel-powered generators. It provides you with reliable power mainly based on solar energy. Fuel consumption and CO2 emission can be reduced dramatically when using the Mobile Solar Plant.

The pilot is patented and delivers up to 58 kWp. The simple foldable solar panels are the main sources of power supply and are also used to load the internal Smart Power Bank. The Smart Power Bank provides optimal power security from batteries that are charged by the solar panels or the generator. The plant is easily transportable and can be deployed almost everywhere.

Our Mobile Solar Power Plant offers you:

  • Delivers up to 58 kWp
    • 90 solar panels (23 kWp)
    • Smart Power Bank (30 kWp)
    • Generator (28 kWp)
  • 24/7 power reliability
  • Patented construction
  • Plug and play
  • Online monitoring via live portal
  • Low CO2 and noise emission. Savings up to 95% in combination with biofuel possible
  • Easily transportable in 20ft container & fast manual deployment

Please contact Margien Storm van Leeuwen for more information.