Bredenoord MD Water Power Unit

For the first time it is possible to produce energy and clean water with one single installation in areas that do not have a suitable infrastructure. The MD Water Power Unit produces power via a generator located in a compact 20ft container. The unit uses the residual heat of the generator to purify sea water, river water or waste water. This could easily result in an energy saving of at least 25%. The maintenance-friendly power and water system is pre-eminently suitable for temporary communities that lack a proper infrastructure, such as events and projects of the ministry of defence and development organizations.

The system
With this Unit the power generation and water purification are combined in a clever way. This results in an energy-efficient solution. The residual heat from the generator is used to purify the water using the vacuum membrane-distillation technology of partner Aquaver. Unique for the MD Water Power Unit is its robust, compact construction, including storage capacity. In addition, the installation switches easily between the purification of freshwater, saltwater as well as waste water. As a result this prototype is very suitable for use in desolate areas, without a proper infrastructure and facilities.

Energy-efficient and flexible
By using residual heat the unitcan yield energy savings of at least 25% compared to the current traditional alternatives. Margien Storm van Leeuwen, manager New Business Bredenoord: “This flexible product is modularly deployable. In our current society it becomes increasingly more important that sites can be scaled up or down in a simple way.”

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Franz Hullegie

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