Smart Power Bank

The Bredenoord Smart Powerbank is the solution for different applications with a varying power necessity. The Smart Power- bank provides optimal power security from batteries that are charged by solar (PV) panels and a generator. The Smart Power- bank is also available with a AC power supply. The power intelligence provides a smart switching mechanism between different sources and an optimal tuning between supply and demand. Consequently the consumption and emission are substantially lower. The hybrid generator can be deployed both as a back-up system and as an operational system.

The Smart Powerbank offers you:

  • Secure power;
  • Fuel consumption saving up to 70 % with dynamic load;
  • Less consumption = less emission;
  • Less maintenance, engine less often active and only in optimal operational area;
  • Modular; available with different capacities and upwards scalable;
  • Deployable with and without PV;
  • Including online portal with live insight in fuel consumption;
  • Quiet when quiet is demanded.

Please contact our Sales department in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, for more information.

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