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Focus on sun at Somalian hospital

The off-grid solar-based power plant has been optimally tuned for the use of solar energy and thus saves considerably in the fields of costs and emission

Franz Hullegie, Bredenoord

Since December 2015 an off-grid solar-based power plant is operational in Mogadishu (Somalia).  This installation consists of a smart combination of solar energy and generators and provides an emergency hospital with power. This application enables the customer, The United Nations, to save considerably on energy costs.

Request from the customer
The well-respected Norwegian company W. Giertsen Energye Solutions is the standard partner of many organizations that provide emergency assistance and development aid. Bredenoord has a partnership with Giertsen. At the request of the United Nations, Giertsen looked for an energy solution with a relatively high capacity for an emergency hospital in Mogadishu. To have such an installation run only on diesel fuel is logistically complicated and for costs reasons not attractive.

The solution
The Off-Grid solar-based power plant consists of a combination of 100 kVA power from solar panels and three silent generators of each 100 kVA. The generators are only operational when there is no solar energy available and they start and stop automatically according to the energy demand. The generators and the solar energy system are directly linked to each other, without an (expensive) battery solution in between them. Thus an easily maintainable and efficient energy provision has been realized. Compared to a European hospital the amount of energy needed in Mogadishu is relatively small. Installations at emergency hospitals in Africa are usually 35-40 kVA. The plant in Mogadishu provides a tenfold, comparable to the power needed for approx. 40 Dutch households.

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