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Generators provide remote oil installation with power

The complete Artic Loading Tower depends on this set for its energy supply, from the cranes up to the lighting.

In the north of Russia, in the arctic circle, Bredenoord provided two generators for an 'Arctic Loading Tower'. This tower is responsible for the oil transport to ships. All electrically powered elements of the tower, such as cranes, engines, lighting and heating must be provided with energy from a generator. For the remote installation they looked for a reliable energy specialist that could deliver quickly and that could provide service.

Request from the customer
At first it was about one refurbished generator with a fuel tank, that the customer wanted to buy for permanent placing. After commissioning it became apparent that in view of the remote location a back-up generator was advisable. To this purpose the entire installation had to be done in compliance with the very strict safety demands in the offshore-industry.

The solution
After having received the request a 400 kVA basis generator was delivered at the North Pole within fourteen days. For the upgrade Bredenoord put together an installation of a 380 kVA emergency generator, a heated fuel tank of 2900 litres and a switch panel. The energy solution was placed in an extra secure offshore frame and installed on location by an offshore-certified service engineer. Here the challenge was to incorporate the already operational generator into the new installation without any power interrupt. This was done without any problems. The installation is now monitored remotely and the Bredenoord certified service engineers are ready for any possible maintenance.

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