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Sustainable charging options for the Big Battery Box

The Big Battery Box is suited for many applications due to its versatility. The lithium-ion batteries in this large container can store up to 600 kWh of energy, which can then be delivered at any moment and location of your choice. Due to its high capacity the BBB is well suited for application in grid stabilization. Releasing the stored energy occurs silently and without emission, which makes the Big Battery Box ideal for projects subjected to strict regulations, such as festivals or construction work in urban areas.

However, silent and emission free are only two requirements for a perfect energy solution. The source of the energy stored in the Big Battery Box is an important factor for many of our clients. As such a frequently asked question is: can the Big Battery Box be charged sustainably? And if yes, what are the options? Can the BBB be sustainable throughout the entire chain? This article dives deeper into the background of this question and goes into detail about a number of sustainable charging options.

What are the options?

In short: yes, the Big Battery Box can be charged sustainably. Technically speaking it does not matter which source delivers the energy, as the BBB can handle any generation source and fluctuations in voltage. The BBB underwent extensive testing at DNV GL and has acquired the Gridstor Certificate. Examples of sustainable energy sources that can be used are green energy from the grid, solar energy, wind energy or a genset running on biofuel. The most suitable solution is dependent on your location, wishes and the availability of energy sources.

Charging points

More and more initiatives are taken to set up permanent grid connections for use during festivals and events. When these connection points are not in use, the Big Battery Box could use them for clean and sustainable charging. Another option would be to use the surplus energy from solar parks. When these kinds of hubs are taken into consideration while making the logistic planning it would be possible to realise further reduction of CO₂ emission and put overproduction to good use throughout the entire chain.

Rent full or empty?

When renting the Big Battery Box you can opt to receive a full, half full or empty BBB. Should it be rented empty or half full, then the client can charge the BBB by themselves, possibly with sustainable energy. This fully depends on the possibilities and the application on your location. One of the Big Battery Box’s unique characteristics is its transportability, which further contributes to increasing sustainability. This means that the BBB can be charged elsewhere, after which it can be transported to the project location. One hour is enough to fully charge the batteries. Potential charging locations would be unused festival terrains, connection points at large corporations with overcapacity at night, windmills and solar parks.


Charging with a genset

The most popular application is a hybrid solution, which often combines a genset with a battery. This does not seem like a sustainable solution at first sight, but tends to be a far better choice than using a genset only. Energy storage solutions such as the Big Battery Box can be used as the primary energy source, during which the batteries deliver the required power. The genset will only kick in when the battery is starting to run low on energy or during peak demand. As such the genset is used very efficiently. This charging method saves liters of fuel and is a good step towards greener operation.

To further increase the sustainability of a project despite the use of a genset it’s worth considering biofuels. By replacing fossil fuels with a biofuel such as renewable HVO the total CO₂ emissions go down even further.

Plans for the future

Bredenoord keeps a close eye on all developments in sustainable energy. The past years alternative energy sources such as hydrogen, formic acid, methanol and biogas have become increasingly interesting. Has a sustainable alternative been developed to the point where we can implement it into an energy solution of which we can guarantee power reliability and clear benefits for our clients? Then we always add it to our fleet.

Custom work

The short answer to the question if the Big Battery Box can be charged with sustainable energy would be “yes”, through virtually any available sustainable energy source. The BBB can process a large variety of sources, including solar energy, wind energy, a genset on biofuel and green energy from the grid. However, there is no “standard” method applicable to every situation. Per your request we can deliver a BBB charged with solar energy or along with a genset running on biofuel.

Increasing sustainability throughout the entire chain is always our goal. Thereby Bredenoord’s experts will gladly provide you with a custom advice in which all aspects of your energy demand are taken into consideration. Are you looking for a sustainable energy solution for your project? Feel free to contact us for a non-committal advice.

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