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Emergency delivery 7 MW-installation Eemshaven

To deliver a 7 MW-installation within 12 hours after the emergency request, that was something that the customer had never experienced before. Teamwork made it even possible to deliver within half of the agreed time

Wim Lucas, Area Manager Bredenoord

Grid operators Enexis and TenneT perform continuous maintenance in order to safeguard an optimal condition of the power plants and grids. For scheduled maintenance in Groningen one of the two large transformer stations in the region was temporarily out of order. Therefore a substantial backup-installation was essential.

Request from the customer
The installation in the transformer house provides power to a large part of the province of Groningen. Therefore the temporary emergency power supply  had to have a capacity of no less than 7 Megawatt and to be installable at 1 location in the Eemshaven area. At the request of the customer the sets were prepared on call in Apeldoorn, to be transported to the location only in case of unforeseen calamities. For the set-up of the 7 MW-installation Bredenoord made a plan of approach that would guarantee a quick installation in case of calamities. Based on this plan in little less than a week’s time 11 generators were prepared and tested in Apeldoorn, including 2 transformers of 6000kVA each, including a 10 Ft container with cables.

Delivery in half a day
At the start of the activities it appeared that the customers, Enexis and TenneT, after consultation with representatives of the local public administration, found the calamity risk for the users in the area still too big. So, on Monday morning at 11.00 a.m. Bredenoord received the request to build the back-up installation in the Eemshaven as quickly as possible. In any case within 24 hours. The teams of Transport, Solutions and Workshop immediately started working with the already prepared plan of approach. It was not long before the first truck left the gate. On site the surface was already prepared with steel planking and a telescopic crane was brought on-site for installation of the machinery. Five hours after the first phone call the first generators were in position. And even before midnight the emergency power supply was handed over to Enexis, almost 12 hours faster than the requested delivery time.

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Wim Lucas

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