German shipyard achieves 95% reduction of NOx-emission with solution from Solutions Centre

It is a beautiful thing to find the balance between technique and commerce.

André Lobbert, Solutions Centre

For a shipyard in northern Germany the Solutions Centre came up with a solution for a reduced emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx). In collaboration with among others Horlemann a DeNOx-installation was connected to Bredenoord's twinsets of 400kVA with power management. That solution resulted in a reduced emission of NOx of 95% and an enormous reduction of fuel costs.

Request from the customer
The German shipyard highly values sustainable production and was looking for a more efficient installation with a reduced NOx emission. The requested service provision included coming up with the innovative solution by the Solutions Centre, set-up, assembly, service and maintenance. Due to the nature of the business operation of the wharf the set-up took place in a record-time of 6 weeks. Normally this would take 10 weeks.

Bredenoord's Solutions Centre came up with a solution consisting of a clever combination of existing technology. In this case, in collaboration with among others Horlemann, a DeNOx-installation was connected to our efficient 400kVA twinsets with power management. The latter converts NOx into nitrogen and water with the help of a catalytic converter. The installation has the same voltage as the electricity grid on the ship that is on the wharf and among other things is used for the lighting during the construction. The solution results in a 95% reduction of NOx and an enormous saving on fuel cost. Not only the solution but also the set-up was a challenge. The construction of a ship takes approximately 26 weeks and is done in different phases. Per phase the required voltage increases.

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