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Extra power for transfer of subsea cables at WIND

We must always act quickly for our clients and be 100% certain we can complete a job within the appointed time. We appreciate Bredenoord’s fast responses and adaptability.

Thomas Jansen, Yard & Equipment Manager of WIND

The bottom of the sea is full of cables transmitting data and power. WIND is responsible for the logistics of these kilometre-long cables, which can have a diameter of up to 30 cm and a weight of 120 kilos per metre. For the spooling of these cables on shore the company uses mobile power.

WIND arranges transshipment, storage and, if needed, the transport by ship of these cables for clients all over the world, such as large-scale wind energy providers. Thomas Jansen, Yard & Equipment Manager of WIND: “These are always challenging trajectories. We usually only know shortly in advance when exactly a ship will arrive. However, a day in the harbour costs these companies a lot of money, so we must always ensure we can complete a job within the appointed time. Reliable, high quality mobile power is therefore an essential.”

Always a backup
WIND uses special machinery to pull the cables across a track, to ensure they end up in the storage tank (basket) in the right way. “Each cable has its own specifications,” Thomas explains, “which requires great precision. We do not want a cable to come to a halt during the process.” To power the hydraulic system there are usually two Bredenoord gensets of 200 kVA each. “One for the job and one serving as a backup. Should there be malfunction, then we can switch to the other genset within half an hour and minimize the loss of time.”

Fast response
When cables are damaged at sea, replacement must sometimes be provided very quickly. If necessary WIND can deliver within a day. Thomas Jansen: “Our speed is our added value, and we appreciate that Bredenoord can provide us with the same service. Another benefit is that the drivers prepare and connect the machines. Most drivers know us and know exactly where and how they should set up the gensets. This service adds to our overall appreciation of this collaboration. Our relationship with our suppliers is important, together we can properly help our clients.”

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