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Maintenance and replacement of 'Power-packs' transhipment company ECT

"Because of customization and good maintenance ECT has a long-lasting socially responsible decentral energy supply."

Jeroen Pol, Bredenoord

Europe Container Terminals (ECT) is an advanced container terminal operator that processes the majority of the containers in the port of Rotterdam. There are almost 250 operational cranes, that run on mains power. In order to guarantee the continuity the company has 5 'Rescue-cranes', each with its own decentral energy supply, called 'Power-pack' by ECT. Good maintenance is essential to keep them in top shape.

Request from the customer
ECT was looking for a reliable partner to perform preventive and corrective maintenance to the five Power-packs. The latter consist of a small generator for the permanent power demand whenever mains power in unavailable, and a large generator for more capacity when the crane is actually operational. These back-up cranes are operated remotely and fully automatically.

High-level maintenance
By now the ECT Power-packs have been serviced by Bredenoord for some years now. In addition to the technical aspect this also includes the internal and external cleaning. "We do this regardless of the age of the generator," tells Bredenoord’s Jeroen Pol. "For us it is only usual, but you can actually see that the generators that are being serviced by us, even after many operational hours, look much better than the average generator of that age. Apart from the fact that a clean generator works more pleasantly, it also lets the users observe any irregularities at an early stage." In addition also the short response time is of importance to ECT: if necessary, a service engineer is on-site within four hours, regardless the time of the notification.

Efficient and clean solution for replacement
In 2016 Bredenoord will replace one of the Power-packs at ECT. After an analysis Bredenoord suggested to replace the current small generator by installing one of its latest innovations, the 'Smart Powerbank', in the Power-pack. The latter stores energy in a powerful battery package and this suffices to fulfil the low daily energy needs in the inoperative crane. For the real transhipment work the Power-pack switches to the main generator. Among other things the suggested configuration consumes less fuel, has less emission and therefore has less impact on the environment. This ensures ECT of a long-term socially responsible decentral energy supply.

Any questions with regard to this case on maintenance or replacement? Please contact Jeroen Pol.

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