Quarry receives all of its power from generators using power management

Especially in remote areas where conditions such as heat and dust play a role, you must collaborate with the customer to come up with a tailor-made solution.

Franz Hullegie, Bredenoord

For almost 150 years Mining Company Curacao has been digging for limestone (phosphate) in a quarry near the Table Mountain on Curacao. Among other things the limestone is used in the agricultural industry, horticulture and the production of glass. The Table Mountain has a remote location in the eastern part of Curacao and therefore needs a reliable decentral energy supply.

Request from the customer
For a 100% operational security the mining company looked for replacement of the different decentral energy supplies. The solution, within the budget, had to be as sustainable as possible. Also the local technicians should be able to maintain the installation, both preventively as is case of malfunctions.

The solution
Bredenoord assembled an installation that is placed in a ‘Powerhouse', especially designed to that purpose. This building is equipped with a tailor-made filter system that sees to it that the generators can operate in a dust-free environment. This is essential because dust and grit from the quarry could form a threat for the operational security of the installation. The entire mining installation get their power supplied by two 1250 kVA Cummins engines and a 500 kVA Volvo engine that is reused for this work. In order to save fuel this system runs on power management. By default one generator at a time is operational, when more capacity is needed the following generator is automatically switched on. At night, when the quarry is non-operational, only a limited amount of power is necessary. For this purpose a small 100-kVA generator has been added for basic power during the nights. The small device communicates with the large generators and synchronizes fully automatically. This smart power management-solution saves the customer approximately $ 80.000,- of fuel yearly.

Monitoring and service
After the installation on Curacao the Bredenoord service engineers have instructed their colleagues of the Mining Company Curacao. At the moment the preventive maintenance and the solving of small malfunctions is done on-site. Via online monitoring and the use of a webcam Bredenoord can deliver support in case of a malfunction or in case of questions from the customer. In this way a fast and adequate response is guaranteed and the operational security of the installation is safeguarded.

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