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Big Battery Box powers restaurant of the future

The great thing about the Big Battery Box is that it can be used in multiple ways. You an connect it to gensets, but also to the grid or to solar panels. The demand for such hybrid systems is growing rapidly.

Paul Wittenhorst, director of The Powershop

Within the event industry, music and culture festival Lowlands is leading in terms of innovation and sustainability. The organization itself works more sustainable each year and aims to introduce its visitors to green innovations as well. For example, during the 2018 edition there was Brasserie 2050, the restaurant of the future. It only makes sense for such a concept to also run on the energy of the future: the Big Battery Box.

Brasserie 2050 is an initiative of Rabobank, The Food Line-up and Lowlands. Visitors of the festival could taste the food of the future. After all, it will be quite the challenge to feed almost ten billion people. In Biddinghuizen all kinds of special ingredients were served, such as seaweed, plankton butter and weeds, as well as foods that were grown in an alternative way. In addition the entire pavilion was built sustainably, with reused parts, waste separation, recycled work wear and green energy from Bredenoord’s battery.

Large saving of fuel and emission
The Big Battery Box is an easily transportable container with li-ion batteries with a capacity of 600 kWh. For most of the day the batteries sufficed to power Brasserie 2050. Only three hours per day was it necessary to recharge with a genset. Due to the Big Battery Box’s large capacity a lot of fuel was saved and CO2 emission was prevented. In addition, the restaurant was powered silently and without emission during the day.

Big Battery Box flexibly deployable
Energy storage is an important technique during the energy transition towards a 100% sustainable future. Paul Wittenhorst, director of The Powershop, which provided the Big Battery Box to Lowlands in collaboration with Bredenoord: “Festivals demand a lot of energy, for now we cannot handle that with batteries alone. The great thing about the Big Battery Box is that it can be used in multiple ways. It can be connected to gensets, but also to the grid like we do at other festivals, or even to solar panels. The demand for hybrid systems is growing, because that way you can choose the best solution per client and event.”

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