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Generators for international courthouse in Arusha

In Tanzania there is a power failure of some hours every day. Approximately 30% of the population is not connected to the public grid and thus has no electricity.

Franz Hullegie, Bredenoord

For the international courthouse in Arusha, Tanzania two 500 kVA generators with switchboards were delivered in May 2016. In Tanzania, power failures occur daily. On average, power is unavailable for approximately four to eight hours per day. It is therefore important that the courthouse can rely on these generators.

Request from the customer
In a tender two 500 kVA generators were requested, with switchboards for the international courthouse in Arusha, Tanzania. The requested service provision should include installation, assembly, service and maintenance. The contract was awarded in March 2016.

In May 2016 Bredenoord delivered two 500 kVA generators, including installation, assembly, service and maintenance. Bredenoord prepared the assembly and service on-site. For the further support we cooperate with the locally established EDC company of Sander de Waal. This company employs fifteen employees and rents and sells generators and solar systems since 2008. EDC is Bredenoord’s local back-up with which contact is maintained regarding the maintenance and service on-site.

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